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Service Packages

Timely repairs and troubleshooting ensure your gates and their accompanying auto openers remain in optimal working condition. Our range of services encompasses monthly service plans, gate maintenance appointments, and emergency gate services to meet your needs.

service truck to conduct monthly maintenance and repairs

Monthly Service Plans
(Residential and Commercial)

- Monthly fee as low as $150
- Scheduling a qualified technician for comprehensive maintenance
- Monthly operation and safety feature testing
- Preemptive issue identification and resolution to prevent significant breakdowns
- Securing any loose wires and hardware
- Meticulous cleaning of control boxes
- Implementing insect control measures to safeguard gate systems
- Weed control through manual cutting or spraying to ensure unhindered performance of gate components and sensors
- Application of lubricants to moving parts for seamless operation

service truck to conduct monthly maintenance and repairs

Basic Scheduled Maintenance call

- Economical rate starting at $250
- Convenient booking of a service technician for gate entry system maintenance
- Thorough system examination
- Identification of worn or faulty components
- Assessment of gate system's structural integrity
- Review of safety equipment functionality
- Application of lubrication for smooth operation of moving parts
- Meticulous cleaning of control boxes
- Deployment of insect control measures if necessary
- On-site battery testing for solar-powered or battery-backed systems
- Comprehensive condition report with repair recommendations

Damaged gate repaired on a service call

Emergency Service calls

We do provide emergency gate repair services, tailored to the specific needs of each case. We recognize that unforeseen emergencies can arise, and we are committed to collaborating closely with our customers to swiftly address these situations. Our process includes thorough documentation of the damage incurred, followed by a prompt quotation to facilitate insurance claims or coordinate with relevant parties for the speedy scheduling of necessary repairs. Starting at $250

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