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Exclusive Services

Our services go beyond mere construction within our workshop. Your gateway is the initial sight upon returning home. Allow your entrance to welcome you by smoothly opening custom gates as you arrive home and securely closing behind you as you proceed to your residence. We handle everything from driveway leveling, designing robust gate post foundations, to personalized entry gate design, coordinating fence designs, and any necessary landscaping/lighting to create the desired ambiance and appearance for your entryway. As we craft a unique and grand entrance, security remains a top priority. We have the capability to seamlessly incorporate security cameras, automated access controls, and locks into the design. Staying in tune with modern technology, we can provide a comprehensive solution that enables you to manage these features conveniently from your smartphone.

Metal Gate Designs

custom built high bi-folding gates

Bi-Folding High Gates

Tailored bi-fold gates standing at a height of 10 feet, featuring a personalized metal cutout at their center, equipped with a dual gate operator for keypad entry and automatic exit.

custom Corten metal sliding gate with custom concrete pillars

Automatic Slide Gate

This project was an enjoyable endeavor involving the creation of a unique 20-foot sliding gate. We used specially ordered Corten metal throughout the entire project to achieve a striking rusted appearance. Additionally, custom 6-foot concrete pillars were designed with a wood-grain textured finish, and the utilization of lock ties not only enhanced aesthetics but also bolstered structural integrity.

custom bi-folding gates with match metal inset

Bi-Folding Texas Star

Tailored bi-folding gates featuring a Texas star design and a dual bell curve, creating a remarkably smooth and sophisticated country ambiance.

custom ordered metal gate powercoated

Rustic Elegance - with a bold country charm

This custom metal gate, designed for the entrance of a contemporary suburban neighborhood features a striking horizontal composition. Its sleek metal slats run parallel to the ground, creating a modern and minimalist aesthetic. The gates powder-coated finish is a rich rustic blend lends it a smooth, sophisticated appearance that is both durable and weather-resistant. This gate, which swings open gracefully, not only provides security but also serves as a statement piece, welcoming guests with its impressive design and finish. 

custom ordered metal geometrical design gate

Geometric Swing Gate

A stunning residential gate with a 20-foot geometric design.

custom ordered dual geometrical gate with auto gate operators and matching vinyl fence

Dual Geometric Gates

Custom dual geometric gates for a wedding venue, complete with a solar-powered automatic gate opener, accompanied by coordinating black vinyl fencing.

custom ordered 16ft metal gate with auto opener, matching inset, and matching roadway fence

Basic Swing Gate with Address at Center

A custom crafted 16-foot gate constructed from square tubing material, created to seamlessly complement the front fence while emphasizing security and aesthetics.

custom ordered metal ranch gate with header and matching inset

Ranch Gate

Constructed with a strong focus on structural integrity, featuring a 15-foot header with a coordinating inset to securely integrate the custom metal and wood swing gate.

custom ordered texas star metal gate, custom wood timber header with bolstered metal plates

Single Arch with 3D Texas Star

A stunning property entrance designed for customization. Crafted using specially ordered Arkansas timbers and enhanced with sturdy metal plates secured by large hex bolts to create a rugged and robust aesthetic.

custom ordered metal gate with address cuttout in center, auto gate operner and matching inset

Ranch Gate

Simple but effective ranch gate. This entry welcomed guest to a Airbnb to give peace of mind and security to guest. 

custom dual pipe built gates

Matching Duel Pasture Gates

We donated these custom bi-folding gates to our local ridding club. 

custom ordered texas star metal gate with personalized added metal cutouts, auto gate opener, with matching pipe built inset

Duel Arch and Personalized Design

Customized gate and matchings inset to personalize a beautiful home.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our product with a one-year warranty, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind. If any issues arise within the first year, we will promptly address and resolve them to your satisfaction

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